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Lot 6059-1 - '20 Grass 1st 5x5R Net Excellent Beef. Ogden KS

[02/03/21] American Ag Video Auction - Nationwide Hay Auction

Additional Information

Category Hay


248 tons. 330 bales. 11 loads. Good soft, fine, dry grass beef hay, some good green color with brown stems. A few weeds but mostly clean, solid bales put up well with plenty of net wrap, good hay! Sells as-is. In single rows by road, good access, scale 10 miles away in Junction City.


ALL HAY SELLS BY THE TON, MINIMUM PURCHASE OF ONE FULL SEMI LOAD. This Hay to be removed from consignor/seller’s premises within 45 days of sale. If not removed by deadline AAVA’s Logistics Coordinator will schedule freight at Buyer's expense. AAVA’s Logistics Coordinator will provide Buyer with current rate quotes to Buyer’s final destination. If Buyer refuses truck at the current rate and the hay is still not moved in 60 days from time of purchase, AAVA will re-sell hay on the next auction and NO REFUNDS will be given to the Buyer. A Logistics Coordination fee of $25/per load will be assessed and invoiced after each auction. If AAVA Logistics Coordinator manages the entire trucking process which includes finding Buyer a truck for transportation from farm to Buyer’s destination, an additional $50/per load will be charged to Buyer and included on Buyer’s final statement. Buyer MUST give at least 24 hr notice to load. ALL HAY SELLS BY THE TON, WINNING BIDDER MUST TAKE A MINIMUM OF 1 SEMI LOAD. AAVA works hard to do its best to accurately describe each lot of hay sold on auction. It is Buyer’s responsibility to study descriptions, tests, and quality that best fit their needs. Please be aware that some hay will be offered strictly AS-IS/WHERE-IS which will clearly be stated and described as such during the live auction and carries absolutely no guarantee of any kind including but not limited to quality, color, value, or bale weight. Buyer is highly encouraged to study the meaning of AS IS/WHERE IS before purchasing and understands there will be no recourse against AAVA or its representatives on hay that is sold AS IS/WHERE IS. Beginning June 1st, 2020 all uncovered or non-shedded square bales will be sold AS-IS/WHERE IS regardless of quality. Hay that is classified with the American Ag Warranty assures that Buyer will receive the hay as represented by AAVA. *Please read terms and conditions for the American Ag Warranty. TIMED BIDDING CLOSES 1 HR PRIOR TO LIVE AUCTION, PLEASE LOG IN TO LIVE AUCTION TO INSURE YOU ARE THE WINNING BIDDER. Announcements made by auctioneer during the auction take precedence over anything written or implied.