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Lot 2614-10 - '19 Alfalfa 3rd 5x5R Net Irrigated Excellent. Loup City NE

[06/17/20] American Ag Video Auction - NATIONWIDE HAY AUCTION


No Bids

Status Live event begins at: 6/17/20 6:00 PM (CDT)
Lot Opens 5/15/20 7:54 PM (CDT)
Lot Closes 6/17/20 5:00 PM (CDT) 3 weeks, 13 hours, and 11 minutes
Base Price $50.00
Minimum Bid Increment $5.00

Bidding status last updated at: 5/27/20 3:48:53 AM (CDT)
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Additional Information

Category Hay


238 bales. 184 tons. 7 loads. 1550#/bale. Very good beef and possible dairy or heifer hay, packed full of leaves, some green color, some brown, medium stems, a little dust and tobacco cure, fairly soft and palatable, some bales did have a few weeds but producer will pull out bales that appear bad if possible, overall good quality hay with excellent leaf retention. This hay sells as-is.